Where and when will Pitch Expo Toronto take place?

This year's event will take place at Hart House on the U of T campus. Registration opens at 8:00am and pitching starts at 9:00am.


Who should attend?

Writers, directors, and producers - basically anyone who has an interesting idea they wish to sell should attend Pitch Expo Toronto.

What do I get when I register?

You get meetings with industry professionals, contact information, training sessions, and networking opportunities.

How does the day work?

Meetings are scheduled in ten-minute 'speed pitching' intervals. You choose which industry executive you'd like to meet with and are given their next available ten-minute timeslot. When you finish your meeting with that executive, you choose the next person you'd like to meet with and are given their next available ten-minute timeslot. Each time you finish a meeting you can sign up for your next one, and so on throughout the day.

Because the number of participants is limited, you will have access to many industry executives.

We strongly encourage you to come early to maximize the number of meetings you will have and increase your chances of meeting with the people at the top of your list.

How should I pitch my project(s)?

Because you only have ten minutes, your pitch should be concise and compelling. The best pitches are usually only two to three sentences long and convey the main character(s) of their situation. Practicing beforehand will help you greatly on the day.

Participants are encouraged to attend our free pitching workshop on the day.

For more information about pitching, visit

What should I bring?

Participants should bring business cards and one-sheets, or pitch documents, of their project(s).

A one-sheet is a short written pitch of your project on one sheet of paper and is something that you can leave behind with the industry executives.

What should I do before I attend?

As mentioned above, practice your pitches.

Also, it is always in your best interest to register your ideas (scripts, treatments, one-sheets, etc.), either with the Writers Guild of Canada (www.wgc.ca) or the Writers Guild of America (www.wga.org).

For more information, please see our legal section.

What do I get from attending Pitch Expo Toronto?

By attending Pitch Expo Toronto, you have access to all the industry executives. You will also have the opportunity to attend a free pitching seminar to hone your skills.

A delegate book listing the details of the industry executives, along with the types of projects they're looking for, is included with your paid registration.

While waiting to attend your next pitch meeting, you will have the opportunity to network with the other participants.

Who are the industry representatives?

Agents, representatives of American, Canadian and international production companies, broadcasters, and networks will be attending Pitch Expo Toronto to hear your pitches.

What companies specifically?

Specific companies are posted on the website on an ongoing basis – please visit the Industry page to see who’s confirmed so far. Check back often as new companies are added continuously up until the day before the event.

Who is presenting Pitch Expo Toronto?

Pitch Expo Toronto is being presented by Kimberley Ann Sparks of the Networking Schmoozerama and Michale Raske of Castellan Entertainment.

Kim and Michale are very involved in growing the industry in Toronto and are happy to provide this new opportunity for both the participants and industry executives. More information about them can be found here.

How do I register?

Please click here to register immediately and guarantee your pitching space!


Privacy Policy

Pitch Expo Toronto respects your privacy and only collects your information in order to communicate with you about our events, or to register you for them.  We will never trade, sell, or publish your information to any third party, ever.